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I'm glad that you have chosen to browse this website and are considering taking this relationship to the next level by investing in yourself.

One of my reasons for staring my own business is to be able to give freely to those in need. I believe that the world truly can become better when more people are empowered, one entrepreneur at a time. And to do that, I need to create more wealth without depleting my personal and financial resources.


So, how do I achieve this without begging and forcing you to buy my courses or be my client?

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways I choose to do that. By purchasing products you love and need (that I recommend through my referral link), you are helping me spread my vision of a better and more empowered world.

While several entrepreneurs build their businesses on affiliate marketing, including products that they personally use or not, I only recommend products that I personally use OR that my clients use AND are getting results from.

If I am actively promoting a product that contains an affiliate link, all effort will be made to make you aware of the intent. An exception is the resource page which details ALL the products I recommend, whether they contain referral links or not (since I cannot possibly track all these links).

So, if you feel like you are getting great value from my blog, my course, and/or my services, please consider using these links. By doing that, you empower this entrepreneur (ME!) so that I can in turn help those in need.

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Margaret Olat