5 Tips on How to Strengthen Your God-Given Purpose

5 tips on how to strengthen your God-given purpose

I love hearing stories about people living purposeful lives. I also love the feeling I get when I am doing exactly something that I have been called to do. I know I have been called to do them because God has equipped me with the skills and the anointing to withstand changing seasons.

But it's not always easy to stay grounded in purpose.

I have been talking about purpose for a while now and with good reason. You see, every time you wake up and take a breath, you should ask yourself whether you're preparing for a meaningful and purposeful day or just living on the fly. While a life on the fringes of uncertainty definitely has its thrills and sparkles, it is chaotic if it lacks direction and purpose.

I want you to start living in your purpose and strengthening it, so here are 5 tips on how to do just that.

1) Spend more time in prayer

I certainly don't do this as much as I would love to. However, spending time in God's presence is very crucial to every individual who identifies as a Christian. 

I sometimes have dry moments––moments where I struggle to come up with something inspirational or moving. Then I remember that if the branch is cut off from the root, it has been deprived of its source and will not live for too long.

Sometimes, I get up and take a walk to tune everthing (and everyone out). In my walk, I might come across a natural phenomenon which ultimately becomes a teaching moment for me. I have come to love and appreciate the relevance of these teachings, as ill-timed as they sometimes seem.

Note: With each command comes an assignment, and it is in the midst of obedience that your miracle shows up.

2) Seek a Mentor/Coach

If there is any life or professional advice I would give to anyone it is this: get a mentor. I don't care if your dream is to become a teacher, a baker, or a preacher. Get. a. mentor.

Align yourself with messengers who speak the truth, who have been where you are and are where you want to be. And be very selective about this! This doesn't mean that some leaders are bad. It just means that you need to be careful about who you let sow seeds into your life.

There are people waiting for you to get started, people who have been commissioned to pour years of wisdom into you. Find them!

3) Get out of YOUR way

Sometimes we are our own biggest distraction. We have been given a mandate from heaven but we spend too much time analyzing how qualified or under qualified we are.

If God meant for you to do what he has called you to do, He will equip you with the skill and personality that is unique to you. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure it all out. Don’t get ahead of yourself by comparing your lifestyle to somebody else's. All it does is take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

You are enough. Your feelings don’t define you. You are more than able. (Tweet this).

4) Start mentoring other people

Now here's the thing: You can only deliver as much as you've been given so this nicely ties back to number one. But when you start seeking for ways to serve others you strengthen your God given purpose.

God did not create you to marvel at your brilliance in secret. He very much aspires for you to be useful, to be a problem solver, to be a safety net to someone, to be a teacher, a giver, whatever it is you were called to do.

But until you appreciate the little opportunities to serve, your true calling will stay hidden to you.

5) Listen wisely

Don't miss this step. In addition to listening to God, listen to what others are saying. Of course, this goes with the saying that you need to be careful who you let pour into you.

But I'm talking about people who have been assigned by God to mentor and counsel you.

Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.Proverbs 15:22

When you miss this step, you will take so many detours on the journey called life  I have missed several opportunities because I heard but I did not listen. Then again, I lost precious opportunities because I listened to the wrong voices.

These are just 5 tips out to help you get started on strengthening your purpose in life. Got more? Add them in the comments below!