What to Do When No One Believes in Your Purpose

4 things to do when no one believes in your purpose

While it took me forever to figure out the purpose for my blogging, I had a solid cheerleader from day one who followed me through every tunnel of discovery.

This is not the case for everyone. There is someone reading this who has seen the light but is afraid because of the lack of support he or she currently experiences. There is someone reading this who is simply discouraged. Because the world...your world doesn't have any cheerleader.

I am not saying I have never experienced the isolation that dreamers like you experience; I have. Pretty intense stuff. But I have learned what to do when no one believes in my purpose.

What to do when no one believes in your purpose

1) Shut your inner critic up

There is an inner version of yourself that loves questioning your abilities and will stop at nothing to make you believe a false profile. There is an inner you that questions whether you deserve the accolades, even when you've busted your sweat to get to where you are.

Shut it up.

This is NOT the time to determine whether you deserve to be in first class or economy class. All that matters is that you are on board and that you firmly secured a seat with the movers and shakers of your industry.

2) Identify places/people that need your expertise

When no one believes in your purpose, it could be because they are waiting for proof that you are the real deal. If you are into business, coaching, or consulting, you are probably more familiar with the term "testimonials". It is when people leave good/bad reviews about you and your service.

To accelerate your flight into influence and credibility, don't just ride on passion. Don't just jam to passion music. Seek out a real flaw and offer simple solutions.

Identify a crack in a system and implement a better strategy. Don't just sit and hope for others to validate your calling. You need to LIVE your calling by helping others.

3) Ask them why

The biggest mistake most young professionals make is assuming all sorts of things just because things don't go their way. Just like you don't jump to conclusions about your spouse's actions, don't think people are automatically dismissive of what you do.

You might have a history of not showing up when it mattered. You might have been involved in activities that smudged your identity. These images stay with people for a long time, and although they might not be hostile with you, they won't take you professionally either.

Ask them why they aren't supportive and the feedback might be just what you need to launch yourself into space.

4) Cut out the losers

Have you done all the above and you are still not getting support? Then assess your environment.

You might be planting your seeds on dead soil. Some people are like that. No matter how much time you invest in them, they won't yield any fruit. In fact, they drain you of your resources so much that you're left gasping for air.

At the end of the day, it's not about the cheers you receive from people. It's your conviction about your purpose and what your message is. No one can tell your story like you can. So make it an effort to believe in yourself no matter what message your circumstances preach to you.

Ever had an experience with haters or critics? Please share in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! :)