Building a legit business is a long-term relationship thing. Not a quickie.


Have you ever wondered why people rush into intimacy? I don’t get it. No judgement here, but my issue lies with people who try to “hook” up with you or with others before you’re ready.

A case scenario

I was chilling in my room on a cloudy Sunday afternoon watching my favorite Korean show. In one of the scenes, the guy grabs the girl by the arm and pressures her to say “yes” to his love confession. She wrestles free from his grip and instead folds her arms across her chest. Wearing a worrisome look on her face, she fixes her gaze on his appearance.

The first thing she notices is his combat uniform. So he’s in the army, she thinks. Next, her gaze travels down the length of his arms and notices his tattoos on the bulging muscles. He’s fit. Someone to workout with.

He catches her watching him and as if reading her thoughts, he smiles. She knows she’s been caught so she lets herself get lost in the mischievous glint in his eyes. For some weird reason, he’s beginning to have an effect on her. How should she put it….he’s got this magnetic presence.

But he’s a soldier. He could go on a dangerous mission one day and disappear. She knows this way too well and is not willing to get into any emotional commitment.

While she is sorting her emotions, he pulls her in for a French kiss. She screams in anger, spits, and wipes her mouth disgustingly.

The audience went crazy

How could she do that to him?

If a crazy hot guy like him kissed me I would say yes!

My ovaries exploded at that kiss….oh more men need to be like him.

And in my mind, all I could say was: Yes he's hot. Bu..buu..but she wasn’t ready!!!

Yes she was starting to feel something for him. Yes, she liked what she saw. Yes, she was considering starting a friendship.

But a premature kiss ruined it. And it can sabotage a budding business.

Are you jumping too soon to paid offers without taking the time to build a friendship with your audience? Are you starting a 1-to-1 conversation with your clients, pulling back the curtains, and sharing deep, meaningful, powerful insights?

Because if you are asking for the money too soon, you are leaning in for a premature kiss.

To build a business that you are proud of, you need to have several things in place. But nothing really beats the feeling of emotional connection and sense of trust that your customers have in you.

Most coaches call this having an emotional brand and they charge thousands to learn how to do this. But I call it leaning in for a premature kiss and going for the harvest way too soon.

You need to make sure your business isn’t perceived as a quickie. And how do you do that?

1) Make your intentions known upfront and address your clients' hesitations.

Are you going to coach for 4 weeks or 5 weeks? Will you be seeing your clients even if they don’t come on Facebook and Periscope to watch your replays? Are you still thinking about them even when they aren’t clicking the “buy” button? 

Are they worried that you will disappear after a few "get togethers"?

First, be clear on who you serve and how you serve best. If you can't hold a summit don't promise to host one. When people know your game plan and what to expect from you, they aren’t surprised when you make paid offers.

2) Don’t put all your value behind the buy button.

If your prospects feel like you aren’t sharing enough “value” to justify your pricing, do a re-think.

I’m not saying drop your prices. I’m saying, do a re-think. Ask yourself: Am I taking my prospects on a transformative journey. Are they exposed enough to and ready for my offers? P.S. other people call this a sales funnel.

Don’t ask people to trust you with their precious dollars if you are being stingy with your knowledge.

3) Don’t make it all about you.

I bet you’d be tired if your significant other is all about “me me me me” without regard for you and your preferences.

It’s the same in business. Sometimes you have to step back from promoting YOU. Shine the stage light on somebody else for change and you will be glad you did.

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