The One Thing You Need to Know About Fear

One thing about fear
One thing about fear

Something happens every time you start something. You either finish it or you quit half way.

I'll be honest; I'm not an expert when it comes to finishing projects. In fact, I have way too many unfinished manuscripts (surprise, surprise!) on my desktop than I have completed.

But I have noticed something in me. I have an entrepreneurial streak that won't go away with dancing and watching some YouTube videos. I have also noticed that I just CAN'T take God out of my writings (Trust me, I tried!) just to make a buck or two.

So, I have done two things. I have made it a goal of mine to complete two projects that I designed before the end of this year.

  • Goal #1: Create a FREE mini-course that combines my passion and skill
  • Goal #2: Create a paid E-course that addresses a problem which will be offered to my subscribers and friends!

I am 80% done with goal #1 and just started on goal #2. It is liberating to know that I can commit to something and follow it, regardless of what the outcomes would look like. I guess this is my way of saying...we'll have to wait and see!

But what really is my point here?

The truth is that you have something inside of you that others want and are willing to pay to know. You have been gifted with something that is unique to you...just you. To prove my point, nobody has the same expression as you when you smile...even if what made you smile is accessible to everyone!

So why do you hold back from sharing your gifts with others?

Fear. Simple, familiar, eerie...fear. It holds you back and feeds your consciousness with limiting beliefs, emotions that arise from doubt.

But the simple truth is this: God created you, and because He himself is a creative person, you are creative and talented beyond your doubts.

The marketplace is yours. This earth is yours to walk on. Your message is meant to be heard. Your dreams are meant to be lived. Your hands are meant to touch...give love...receive love...and heal. You get my message.

You are meant to do something, and that doing requires action.

So what's that one thing about fear...

Fear requires that you stand still or run.

The one thing about fear: fear requires you to stand still or run(click to tweet)

Forget about your feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. That's not the real deal. What happens when you're afraid is that you fail to take a step forward so you either choose to remain or flee to "protect yourself."

However, your impact won't be felt if you don't take a step. You won't make waves if you don't connect with your purpose and your calling. You will always be waiting to get ready because you won't ever feel ready.

I have been talking about purpose for the last two weeks because I believe it is really the foundation for every business or personal decision we make. If you're able to make good, conscious decisions regarding who you choose to hang out with, you shouldn't gamble away your destiny.

I will be holding myself accountable and finishing up goal #1 in the next 5 days. Can I get an amen to that? (Lol). But I really want you to do the same.

Now tell me, what is holding you back from completing your tasks?