Why people won't buy a drill but will buy a hole instead.

How to sell your services with storytelling

Before you launch your coaching programs or services please read this post till the end. Sticky. stories. are. the. bomb!

You know how certain TV characters just stay with you even after the series is over? How you can’t shake off the sadness that your favorite character didn’t 

Skilled scriptwriters have mastered the art of building likeable, charismatic characters. One word. One move. One smile….and you have fallen hopelessly in love with a fictional character.

You don’t need to know what a plot means, what a flashback really does, what dramatic monologue means….you don’t really care for all that dramatic structure, literary, nerdy stuff.

You just want a movie that makes you feel...like you just watched something real! Characters that you can yell at and punch, cry with and duel over your friends with. I mean this!

They are selling you the movie, not the production process!

What this means for your business and sales copy.

People don’t buy a drill. They buy a hole.

I want to buy a nude-colored $4,000 mink coat that is handwoven by Italian tailors who are vegetarian. Said no customer ever.

Every client needs to go through a nurturing process before they can throw their credit cards at you. As a business owner, your job is to educate your prospective clients on the value of your offer and position it as the solution to their business problems.

Although I'm in business to make money, I won't ask for your money until you are aware of what a mink coat is and why you need it more that the coat hanging at Walmart.

Why sticky stories sell.

1) The promises are ridiculously simple yet a pain to achieve without help

Want examples? Here…

  • Drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

  • Drive a car in 7 days.

  • Lose baby fat without giving up chocolate.

The weight loss strategy, system, and program is the drill. Yes, your program is a boring drill.

My lean body, newfound confidence, and ability to fit into my size 4 jeans is the hole. Now without your program, this would be impossible.

If I were to purchase a weight loss program I won’t buy it because the plastic was made with Italian machines and American paper. I’d want to know what it can do for me and how long it will take me to achieve results.

Without giving up chocolates?? Your clients will jump on that.

2) They are straightforward.

Would you buy a recipe book that talks about types of fish, the types of water they are bred in 40 pages or a book that teaches the busy entrepreneur how to cook tasty seafood meals in 15 minutes?


Cut the fluff and start attacking the painful belly fat with the solution. I just want my meals and I’m sure your clients do too.

3) They are repetitive.

Here comes the annoying but profitable part.

A typical list-building sales page will mention list building = money several times until it asks for the sale. This isn’t the time to talk about how annoying it is or unoriginal it is.

It is strategically repetitive. And sticky messages are.

There are several people who seem to do the same thing you do and are continuously targeting your ideal clients. The only way to get your message sticky enough for your audience to remember and choose you is to constantly explain the benefits of your offer.

Now what...

I can teach you how to sell your story and make your copy sticky

I just launched my pop-up service called Copy Critique for coaches and bloggers who want to launch their coaching packages and start working with 1:1 clients. Copy Critique is my 90-minute laser coaching session to help make your sales copy clearer, compelling, and magnetic.

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During our critique 90-minute session, I'll make sure your copy:

  • Tells a story and hooks your client prospects from interest to action.

  • Is organized with headlines and sub-headlines that captivate from the beginning to the end.

  • Reflects a tone that will excite and engage your reader (because you have to be believable).

No fluff.

Just fearless, sticky storytelling about your service that makes your clients want to pay you money.

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