rebel against conformity

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image via unsplash

For YOU... because you're curious about "what next" even after the shiny bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees...

For YOU...because you can't fit into one want MORE but you're afraid to step "out of line"...

Every week, I send out fun + impactful emails on how to thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, & profit.

Most of my writing is dedicated towards rebelling against society's prescription of a dream job, transforming resistance into your creative compass, designing a life and career on your own terms, and developing a personal brand that builds a legacy.

P.S. I'll also give you a free gift. It's called The ultimate guide: How to earn extra $1,000+ per month using the skills you already have."

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What readers are saying...

Margaret are a legend.



From one introvert to another, you should know that you are awesome and should write more.


You know, I hardly like long reads except [for] actual books but this was a nice read.



I can relate to the piece on so many different levels. You're a gifted writer.



Damn this gave me goosebumps!!! I relate so much to this!!!! Your writing also draws me in. Man you just have a way with words 🙌🙌