Rebel against conformity

(A deep dive intensive)

For the creative who is tired of being the best kept secret and wants to LAUNCH THE NEXT BIG PROJECT...

For the high-achiever who is dissatisfied and hungry for more by BLENDING A PROFESSIONAL CAREER WITH A CREATIVE SIDE GIG.

For the successful entrepreneur who is dissatisfied, feeling empty, sleazy, and automated but wants to honor her creativity by GOING DEEPER, NOT WIDER...



Creativity + Passion + Profit = Dream Career.

Now you can blend both art and passion to create a wildly successful creative career (and leave a legacy).

Because when it comes to surviving as a professional, it should never be a discussion about passion or profit. It should be passion and profit.



Dear reader, you and I both want the same thing:


Enjoying a creative business that gives you the freedom to do the things that light you up; vacations, road trips, pay off debts, support causes you believe in.

Living a brand that people recognize, a brand that leaves a legacy. 

Maybe writing a novel, starting a blog, writing an email sequence, and creating inspiring and impactful content.

Doing something fun and profitable...but without all the sleazy marketing that some people in the internet community have got going on.

Doing life and business on your own terms and conditions. Keep your secure day/eve/night job if you want. Make just 5k per month if you so desire.

Whatever you choose to pursue in your creative journey...

You are 3 minutes away from a life-changing decision.

First, let me tell you a true story about the struggle btw art and science.

My first EVER post-high school career move was to be a journalist. I wanted to be a writer, direct screenplays...a true artist. So I enrolled as a Mass Communications major in a two-year college in Nigeria 12yrs ago.

Then in 2008 when I arrived the shores of America, I dropped out because I was told by several people that I wouldn't make it anywhere because I'm Black.

That art and business couldn't thrive.

And that I should go into nursing.

Now, because I'm naturally an empath who LOVES helping others, I excelled in nursing school. Graduated with my masters degree, work with amazing colleagues who compliment my work ethic, and got trained to be a charge nurse and preceptor. I'm DARN good at my job, I will say. fundamental gift lies in how I exercise my gift: writing. But for years, I would start writing....then stop.

Because as a Black woman, I'd struggle.

Because as a Black woman, nursing is where "it's at."

Plus other stories I bought as a young girl.

Of course, this led to several things.

I was angry.

I was emotionally labile.

I'd lash out every other day. I constantly felt like I was in a cage with my arms freed...but my body still restrained.

This battle continued for many years. Even as I graduated summa cum laude and all that jazz.

Then I said: NO MORE.

Whether I fail or succeed, I will write.

Whether I'm loved or not, I will write.

Whether I'm popular or not, I will write.

Whether I make 6-figures or not, I will write.

I will create!

So, I let go of the stories I believed about being an artist and a having a secure job.

I let go of stories about money and how much I'm "allowed" to make.

I freed my creative mind and embraced the instinct to follow my curiosity in a child-like manner. And what happened blowed my mind.

  • I have since been featured in Buzzfeed, LifeHack, Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, TEDxLincolnsquare, HuffPost, Inspired COACH, UYD Media, Addicted2Success, and several podcasts.

  • I have people I admire reaching out to me, inviting me to podcast interviews.

  • I have worked with high-achieving creatives to help them get powerful results in their businesses.

My clients are experiencing remarkable results!

  • Cassie, a 23yr old Nigerian fashion blogger plus Medical Doctor created a blog planner and a blog consulting offer. Last year, she made her first 6 figures from a single collaboration.

  • Kriselle went from being talented yet confused about what audience to following her heart and getting her Kickstarter fully funded...even getting a shoutout from Kickstarter as a "Project we love."

  • Elizenda, a high-performing HR professional became clear about who she wanted to serve in her business in 45 minutes, ending months of stress.

All this happened because I said 'YES' to myself. 

YES to my operate in my anointing and honor my gifts.

YES to walking boldly towards my dreams and goodbye to my fears.

YES to stop being mediocre.

YES to stop playing stop hiding behind the fear of failure.

And, YES, because I stepped up, I showed up for my clients and they smashed their goals.

Because I've mastered how to blend art and business so that I can experience the greatest expression of my creative interests...WITHOUT QUITTING MY NURSING CAREER.


My name is Margaret Olat, and I'm a writer and creative coach. I help creatives and high-achievers like you thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit.

As you "figure out" what products and services your ideal clients truly want while you keep doing you.

A declutter-er, filter, and designer, I help high-achievers and creative entrepreneurs uncover genius ideasidentify what to sell, and design their offers.

...without selling your soul, attending 1001 free webinars, or spending your life trying "new" strategies.

Here's what's possible for you when you say 'YES' to Honoring your creative interests.

  • You can start a podcast around something you're really passionate about.

  • You can write that book that's been sitting inside of you for several years.

  • You can discover where your talents lie and pivot to a totally different business.

  • You can unlock the hidden creative inside of yourself...and make money while doing so.

That's why I'm introducing you to 'REBEL AGAINST CONFORMITY'

'Rebel Against Conformity' is an intuitive coaching + consulting model that shows you how to blend art and business by creating space for you to truly get clarity your personal brand and positioning, reprogram your mindset, uncover your genius idea, develop your message, and map out profitable career paths. In 90 days!

This is not business coaching. Rather, it’s you and I digging deep into your dreams, goals, and aspirations, taking what you currently love doing and developing a sustainable creative career out of it. 

So, here’s what the 'Rebel Against Conformity' Intensive is all about:

  • Brand clarity and positioning: Successfully choose the best career paths even if you’re confused about so many options.

  • Mindset: Shave years off your learning curve by adopting a mental, spiritual, and emotional shift to fully operate in your calling.

  • Message development: Most creatives suffer from a lack of content strategy because they don’t have a core story or message. Let’s change that. After 90 days, you’ll never stress over what to say when you market yourself or get interviews.

  • Visibility: Because what is an epic brand story if no one knows you? Here, we’ll work on amplifying your message by reaching podcasts, writing guest posts, and increasing your presence where your ideal clients hang out.

  • A signature offer: If your business is based on one-off skills, it’s time you develop and package a core offer around it. Using the secret AND the process in the image above, we’ll uncover what makes an offer great and the types of clients you should be speaking with.

  • BONUS --> Access to ‘Pitch the Media’ workshop recordings and templates (value $199): In 'Pitch the Media,' I'm taking you behind the scenes, telling you MY process for choosing media platforms, gathering ideas, speaking with the editors, and getting published! I also teach you how to use the power of media opportunities to gain publicity and credibility for your brand.

For a limited time, I’m introducing REBEL AGAINST CONFORMITY to just 5 clients.

I will work with you for 90 days to unlock your genius ideas so we can create your signature program together. Once 5 spots are taken, I will stop taking applications and my rate will go up the next time intensive opens.

If you feel a nudge in your heart and are ready for the shift...

Let's have a FREE 30-minute conversation about your goals. I won't try to "convince" you that this is it. Rather, I will show you how 'Rebel Against Conformity' can meet your creative + career goals.

FAQs. Of course, I have the answers for you!

Q: Am I going to learn how to create and launch a course/coaching business?

A: No. I only help you get clear on your interests, your brand message, and how you want to position it. Why do I do this? Well, this helps me, your creative coach, cut through the clutter so we can focus on describing the value of what you have to offer for sale (should you wish to monetize this).

Q: Why 90 days? Other coaches get this done in a week or less.

A: I don’t do fast-food deliveries. Your positioning needs to feed your creative instincts and leave no doubt that this is who you want to be known for. I want to look into your offer to make sure it is strong enough so you can create an epic pitch for your offer. Yes, your sales page needs to be awesome. But so does your offer!

Q: Will I make sales after working with you?

A: That’s the idea (if you want to). Then again, this isn't business coaching. You need to put in the work. As your creative coach, my job is to hold space for you to shed all false pretenses of yourself so that we can uncover ideas that truly shine.

You are responsible for the results you achieve. Getting sales depends on your business model, your sales message, and your marketing. An awesome sales page with no traffic gets no clicks. You need to continuously promote your offers to your community and master how to ask for the sale.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes. At this level of coaching, there is deep emotional investment as I bring all I have to serve you so that you can birth your dreams. This investment is unbeatable.

Q: Okay, I just want you to coach me. But 90 days is too long.

A: I'm happy you really want to work with me. But again, I'm in a committed, long-term relationship with my clients. With that said, 2 weeks isn't enough to get through the work that needs to be done. If you want something faster, I'd suggest you check out my 90-minute creative breakthrough session on my 'work with me' page! :)

Here's the link for the FREE 30-minute consultation

Looking forward to seeing your call scheduled!

With love,