Creativity + Passion + Profit = Crazy-inspired career!

Let’s infuse your creative interests into a business that gives you your life back. Because you deserve to live your dream life rather than staying stuck behind your “ideas” on autopilot.

If you are having trouble defining who you are, where you stand, and how you serve the world with your gifts, I would love to have you on as a client!

My clients are filled with passion, heart-centered, and have the desire to commit to excellence so that they can use their wealth to create a movement that sparks change in the community. 

Most of all, my clients know how to have FUN!

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The Creative Breakthrough Intensive


A 3-hour VIP session for multi-passionate high-achievers who are trapped and paralyzed by TOO many creative ideas!

In 190 minutes, we'll demystify, declutter, and get clarity your personal brand and positioning, reprogram your mindset, develop your message, and map out profitable career paths.

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Investment: $497