Ready to Launch: done-for-you sales copy for your online courses, coaching services, and masterminds. 

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Launching a new program, course, or mastermind and don't wanna write all the necessary copy? Have no fear!

I get it. You ARE the business. But you are sick and tired of working FOR your business.

Pre-webinar scripts

Post webinar scripts

Post launch emails

The big scary sales copy.

....evergreen sales funnels. Arrgh too much copy!

You don't have to do any of these by yourself to have a successful launch.

My job is to make your launch smoother by giving you the desired space needed for you to expand your creative genius as a business owner.

Enter Ready to Launch

Ready to Launch is a delightful, premium, done-for-you copy service for online entrepreneurs who are about to launch their coaching services, masterminds, and online courses but too busy.

In 4 weeks, I will write & structure your offer and sales page. You will receive a highly converting sales copy that communicates your solution, walks your dream clients through the promised transformation, and addresses their objections before they arise, leading to more sales..

What you get:

  • An ideal customer avatar review: I get super clear on who your dream customer is by researching their needs and desires.
  • FREE offer review {offers your audience cannot wait to jump on}. Now that I know who you’re selling to, I'll review your offer to make sure it is ultra clear and specific.
  • A done-for-you sales page. Now you’re ready to introduce your offer. And you will persuasively take your clients on a transformative journey with you till they click the “buy now” button!

Ready to Launch packages start at $1500.


Other copywriters write your copy and then thrust the google doc files at you!

Not me!!

Ready to Launch is a premium service that comes with a coaching element. It works just like a course but without the noise from a big group. When you come on as a client, you get these bonuses as well:

  • Bonus #1: 2 Live 45 minute coaching calls.
  • Bonus #2: You get the recorded calls!
  • Bonus #3: Exclusive email support for 4 weeks after your coaching I’m there for pep talks and celebrating your wins!

Together, we will come up with a copy that reflect what your clients need, packed with the power of persuasion to make your ideal clients say YES!

Client Testimonials


I must say, working with you was really enlightening for me because although I already knew what a sales page was and had read some articles on how to put one together, I still didn’t know how or where to start from. You did not only help me put together a killer sales page but you also helped me see why it is really important to craft one for your service or product

Cassie Daves, Medical Doctor and Creative Entrepreneur.


Margaret is my secret weapon and a master of words! She helped me snatch my dream opportunity as a blogger for The Huffington Post! I'm so grateful

Lillian Okoye, Business Strategist and Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here’s the Catch: Spaces are limited.

I only work with 4 clients at once. Once those slots are booked, 1-to-1 premium help from me is unavailable until the next 90-day cycle.

I want to give you my best, my all, my everything. 

That’s why I’m going to stick with you for 30 days after I hand your copy to you!

Okay, Margaret. I’m sold. How do I work with you?

Ready to Launch works in 4 easy steps. 

Week 1: The initial call

  • Click on the apply button to schedule a clarity call so I get to know you and you get to know me for 30 minutes :)
  • You make an empowered decision to work with me and  SAY YES on the 30 minute call.
  • You receive a contract by email. You sign and send it back.
  • You pay 50% up front to hold your spot.
  • Then I’ll send you a copy questionnaire to fill out. It’s where I ask you about your offer, your ideal clients, your promotion plan, etc.
  • Then we’ll have our first 45 minute coaching call! I’ll comb through the questionnaire to bring out the BIG idea in your campaign and figure out the best lead to start with. Coffee is on me! :)

Week 2: Research

  • My research process is very comprehensive. I’ll start with a complete review of your website and any other materials you send me. Include a press kit if you have one.
  • I’ll research the market, including your competitors. I may ask to talk with your service team, past clients or customers.
  • I’ll reach out to you as needed for any additional details, product samples, and other resources.
  • You can be confident I’ll quickly and effectively understand your product, your voice, and your customer’s core emotions.

Week 3: Writing & Collaboration

  • I start writing your copy!
  • Ongoing communication while working on your project is critical. Some people prefer daily updates, while others prefer minimal communication between initial consult and first draft. Let me know what your preferred frequency and method is for updates and progress. For example, a daily email, a weekly phone call, or some other combination.
  • You’ll receive the first draft and review it to make sure we get the message, tone, and offer right.

Week 4: Sign Off & Revision

  • When I receive the final approval, I’ll invoice you for the remaining 50% of the project investment.
  • We schedule & jam out on the second 45-minute coaching call to brainstorm killer conversion strategies. We’ll review the Discovery Questionnaire and discuss additional ways to uncover new profits.

Other FAQs by clients. Of course, I have the answers for you!

Q: Am I going to learn how to create and launch a course/coaching business?

A: No. I only help you get clear on your offer, your messaging, and how you want to position it. Why do I do this? Well, this helps me, your copywriter, cut through the clutter so we can focus on describing the value of your offer.

Q: Why 30 days? Other copywriters just send my copy via email in a week?

A: I don’t do copy deliveries. I want to look into your offer to make sure it is strong enough so you can create an epic sales page for your offer. Your sales page needs to be awesome. But so does your offer!

Q: Will I make sales after working with you?

A: That’s the idea. But you need to put in the work. You are responsible for the results you achieve. An awesome sales page with no traffic gets no clicks. You need to continuously promote your offers to your community and master how to ask for the sale.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes and no. You pay 50% upfront and 50% upon receipt of the final copy. But if you’re asking about monthly installments, the answer is no. Top-level copywriters charge $2500+ just to write your copy. With Ready to Launch, you get your offer reviewed, you’re getting your sales page done, and you’re getting your email nurture sequence reviewed. This investment is unbeatable!

Q: Okay, I just want you to craft a copy for me. I only have 2 weeks.

A: I typically book out 6 to 8 weeks in advance and standard turnaround is 4 weeks (from your initial call). But if you want rapid fire-fast copy, sure we can do that. Send me an email and we’ll see what works for you.


Now accepting clients for JUNE and JULY 2017!

Got questions about READY TO LAUNCH? Send me a message below! :)

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