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Dear creative online entrepreneur...

Ever feel like you're working on too many "business projects" at once...

...can't decide between two target audiences...or growing your instagram account...

...awake all night, stuck between launching a coaching service or mastermind...


You don't need a fancy business title or enroll in 10,000 online courses to get to fix this.

You just need to hone in on that one BIG IDEA and create an offer that DREAM CLIENTs want. And I can help!


  • You're getting "shiny object syndrome," distracted and overwhelmed by everything that's available.
  • You're up all night considering offering a new service but you're not sure if people will want it.
  • You LOVE what you do but you have a hard time packaging your service or product so it aligns with your 'core' brand.
  • You want a life of freedom. More ability to choose how you spend your days...but you can't align your creativity with a solid profit strategy.
  • You’re tired of taking course after course promising you 5k or 6k months. What you need is someone to teach you how to position your offer without being sounding fake.


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Hi! I'm Margaret.

I help creative entrepreneurs thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit. I do this by helping them uncover genius ideas, identify what to sell, and designing their offers with them.

My clients have also gone from having conflicted ideas to launching their consulting services, products, launching a Kickstarter for a podcast, and getting featured in big media outlets.

More on my 'about' page later. But first...

Work with me to...

A deep-dive private intensive to help you figure out what to sell then design their offers so that they can launch profitable brands.

A 60-minute power session where we comb through your existing offer to make sure it's hitting all the right tones with your audience.


Here's what others are saying
about me...

I am no longer confused or stressed about my business.

Margaret Olat KNOWS what she is talking about. I had similar questions about my target audiences and she made it become clear like water in 45 minutes. Now I am no longer confused or stressed about my business. I know where to focus and how to get there confidently.

Elizenda, founder of Launch to Scale


Cassie Daves

"you helped me put together a killer sales page"

I must say, working with you was really enlightening for me because although I already knew what a sales page was and had read some articles on how to put one together, I still didn’t know how or where to start from. You did not only help me put together a killer sales page but you also helped me see why it is really important to craft one for your service or product - Cassie Daves, Medical Doctor and Creative Entrepreneur.


“A secret weapon and a master of words!”

Margaret is my secret weapon and a master of words! She helped me snatch my dream opportunity as a blogger for The Huffington Post! I'm so grateful - Lillian Okoye, Business Strategist and Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lilian Okoye

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It is because of her that I'm on the trajectory I'm on today with my brand & business goals!

Thank you for encouraging me to start a podcast all those months ago. I never once considered it until you mentioned it, and it has consumed my mind ever since. That conversation literally changed my life! ...It has led to my dream project/business that I cannot wait to launch and am excited to tell people about!!! I highly recommend working with Margaret!! It is because of her that I'm on the trajectory I'm on today with my brand & business goals!- Kriselle Mendoza Gabriel, Entrepreneur


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