Who says creativity can't be combined with passion?

That you can't blend art and business?

That you can't embrace conventional and non-conventional career paths?

That you can't be a working professional yet lust after creative freedom and the possibilities of earning more outside of your career?

Hi! I'm Margaret Olat, and I'm a...misfit.

I'm a Registered Nurse (RN), an Administrative Nursing Supervisor, and a writer. I've worked as an Adjunct Faculty teaching nursing students. I've also worked behind-the-scenes of some amazing online businesses.

Basically, my career trajectory is nothing like school preaches.


If you've ever felt paralyzed when it comes to making decisions for your career...because too much info...

If the thought of numerous online marketing strategies, promises, and celebrating big paydays gives you headaches...because where do I start...

If building a personal brand and being profitable leaves you gasping for air...because omg no time for it at all...


If you have wanted to do life with someone JUST LIKE YOU...someone who understands the frustration of wanting to be more than life behind a pay check...someone who won't settle for "normal"...

You've come to the right place.

My life and work is dedicated to rebelling against society's prescription of a dream job. To show you how to thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit. 

As in...show you how to create a crazy inspired career fueled by creative freedom.

A declutter-er, filter, and designer, I help you uncover genius ideas, identify what to sell, and design a profitable career (by blending your creative interests).

....without selling your soul, attending 1001 free webinars, or wasting your life trying "templated" strategies.

My clients have also gone from having conflicted ideas to launching their consulting services, products, launching a Kickstarter for a podcast, and getting featured in big media outlets. My writing has been featured on TEDxLincolnSquare, Thought Catalog, Addicted2Success, MSN Money, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Career Contessa, UYD Media, Inspired COACH magazine.

I’ve been mentioned by the likes of ProBlogger, Brit + Co, Minnesota State University Moorhead. I have also been featured as a career expert on Albert's List, a community of 30,000+ members that connects recruiters and job seekers with the power of referrals.

And if you're in transition or curious about how to blend all your creative interests into a profitable career. I can help!




On The Art of Self Mastery, I tackle issues on making more money and the nuances of living a fulfilled life. I answer unspoken questions about building an audience, creating boundaries, & living unapologetically.


Producing informative and low cost workshops is one my favorite ways to provide value to my audience. If you're interested in learning how to build a sustainable online company, check out my workshops.


Got a domain, a business name and wondering what to do next? Then the Strategic Mapping™ Consulting is what you need. Get clarity, direction, and a clear plan for making the next 12 months profitable.

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