If you've ever wondered if there is someone out there who teaches entrepreneurship in a way that makes sense to misfits like you......

If you've ever felt paralyzed when it comes to making decisions for your business...because too much info...

If the thought of numerous online marketing strategies, promises, and celebrating big launches gives you headaches...because where do I start...

If building a profitable personal brand, writing impactful copy, and being profitable leaves you gasping for air...because omg no time for them all...


If you have wanted to do life with someone JUST LIKE YOU...someone who understands the frustration of online business...someone who won't settle for "normal"...

You've come to the right place.

Margaret Olat

I’m Margaret Olat, and I want to help you thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit.

As in...help you create products and services your ideal clients truly want while you keep doing you.

A declutter-er, filter, and designer, I help small business owners and creative entrepreneurs uncover genius ideas, identify what to sell, and design their offers.

...without selling your soul, attending 1001 free webinars, or spending your life trying "new" strategies.

My clients have also gone from having conflicted ideas to launching their consulting services, products, launching a Kickstarter for a podcast, and getting featured in big media outlets.

My writing has been featured on TEDxLincolnSquareThought Catalog, Addicted2Success, MSN Money, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Career Contessa, UYD Media, Inspired COACH magazine. I’ve been mentioned by the likes of ProBlogger, Brit + Co, Minnesota State University Moorhead. I have also been featured as a career expert on Albert's List, a community of 30,000+ members that connects recruiters and job seekers with the power of referrals.

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Now, here's why talented creative entrepreneurs (like you) struggle with being creative AND profitable: 

1) You don't have a product or service that FILLS a need. You might have a product suite or services that look or feel expensive af. BUT...do people really want this thing you're selling?

2) You're not speaking with your DREAM client. It's like going to a busy hospital and yelling "Buy my filters for your oil change(s)!" Okay...

3) Your pricing is horrible. It doesn't make any sense to be useful, valuable, yet can't pay your bills. You have to be profitable.

And lastly...

You're in transition. Not sure whether to serve your current audience or build another one.

BUT...there's a solution.


Every creative has an occasional "in-between." It could be losing your passion, finding yourself in a creativity rut, or experiencing slow business growth. But there is always an "out": thriving at the intersection.


Together, we'll work on learning how to make all of these sides play together!

You can gather your "several good ideas" and pick the best one to follow based on where you are in your biz right now.

You can choose between audience A or B, then package your skills into a lucrative offer.

You can learn how to write effective copy that showcases this offer and turns great prospects into DREAM clients.


So...these are the things that I believe

  • I believe that we all have our "in-betweens." But it is our attitude during these intersections and transitions that matter in whether we become profitable or fizzle out.
  • I believe that ego is the enemy. Never stop listening, asking, serving, and evolving.
  • I believe that you have the right to creative freedom: to do the things that light you up and fuel your creative instincts.
  • That hustle is defined by the season you’re in. There is a season to plant, to harvest, and to multiply.
  • I believe in your ability to forgive yourself and set yourself free from your past failures.
  • I believe that you have the right to pivot: rethink your goals in life, to walk away from what drains you, and to seek spiritual alignment to your calling.
  • I believe in the freedom to scale your business whenever you want, however you want.
  • I believe in pressure-free sales: the right to ask for what your time is worth and make a living doing what you love.

Kind words from people who know me

Lilian Okoye


Margaret is my secret weapon and a master of words! She helped me snatch my dream opportunity as a blogger for The Huffington Post! I'm so grateful - Lillian Okoye, Business Strategist and Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs.


I must say, working with you was really enlightening for me because although I already knew what a sales page was and had read some articles on how to put one together, I still didn’t know how or where to start from. You did not only help me put together a killer sales page but you also helped me see why it is really important to craft one for your service or product - Cassie Daves, Medical Doctor and Creative Entrepreneur.

Cassie Daves

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me…

  • Loving coffee! Coffee shops, coffee pots, anything coffee.
  • Studying languages, local and foreign places. I’m currently on the mission to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese in 12 months. 7 years ago, I was the envy of my peers; I could speak, write, and read Chinese characters. However, I let the hustle take all that away from me.
  • Listening to music: I don’t have a specific genre that I like. However, I find myself jamming to Christian music, Kpop, Mandopop, and certain jazz songs with singers who remain unknown (my fault).
  • Eating food: …….food.
  • Thinking about travel: It is my hope and dream to one day tour all of Asia.

Ready to do entrepreneurship without the stress and overwhelm, and create profitable offers for your clients?