How one prisoner created a dream career without stepping outside his prison

About 3 weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article that stopped me in my tracks and had me gnawing on my fingernails. Not because I was nervous––although it is a nervous habit of mine, but because I was undone.

Undone because for the very first time since I became a writer, I was vulnerable and exposed to my self-imposed creative captivity. Why? Because for a long time, I've held the belief that the stars had to align or something (or someone) had to have pity on me and recognize me for taking a step towards what I wanted before I could make it big.

The problem with quitting your job to start an online business prematurely…because an expert told you so.

Several years ago, I was hired as a U.S. Bank card member advisor in North Dakota. I was a broke college student who was barely scraping by, wanted to quit being a geriatric caregiver, and was lured by the concept of having my own cubicle.

Seriously, my own cubicle! It meant I didn't have to work long, grueling hours as a nursing assistant, and perhaps, I'll start wearing finer clothes to work. To me, I wasn't just getting a job; I was upgrading my career. I equated a career in the banking sector with elegance, affluence, and independence (haha!). In my mind, I was moving from being a seemingly unappreciated caregiver to completing more skilled tasks.

Fast-forward to 2018 as a nurse, writer, and creative coach, I laugh at my silliness.

5 lessons I Learned from my self-imposed creativity sabbatical.

5 lessons I Learned from my self-imposed creativity sabbatical.

It’s been a good while since I did any writing on my own platform. Rather than call it a hiatus, I’d like to call it a sabbatical. If you’re familiar with this term in the academic world, it’s where the professor takes about a year off to go research, have fun, or discover something while getting paid.

I’ve been on a self-imposed creativity sabbatical for the last 4 weeks and have come to some pretty earth-shattering realizations.

How to earn extra $1,000+ per month using the skills you already have.

How to earn extra $1,000+ per month using the skills you already have.

In 2011, I started writing online. I created my first blog on WordPress and talked about anything and everything. My blog was called Worship & Swag where I talked about the intersection of faith and culture. I didn't have an audience in mind at the time; I just wanted to write. Slowly and steadily, I amassed followers and "likers" in tens and hundreds. And like a moth to a flame, I became obsessed about personal development and digital marketing.

I learned so much about creating online products and services,

Choose you. Then go HARD.

"If you don't do something for yourself this Spring and Summer, I'm going to be very pissed at you."

That's what my mother said as we were having a good time together sometime this week. Of course, my response was something like:

"I'll do whatever I want, thank you. In fact, I won't spend a penny on myself because of what you said. Why? Because I can. Hahahahaha!"

Conversations like this are a dime a dozen in my home.

Why now is the best time to launch your dream as a creative entrepreneur

I have a dream to build a philanthropic movement that grows beyond my profession as a nurse. This will require the ability to generate funds to accomplish goals like building community hospitals, making sure that public health in poor countries becomes a household topic, and supporting other worthy causes (like volunteering as a racial justice facilitator to create safe spaces for people to talk about current events in our nation).

But I soon learned that I can’t finance my dreams with just my bi-weekly wages.

Why great work always gets found & how to find success as a creative entrepreneur

July 1st marked my “official” exit from copywriting and "online marketing."

Ever since my decision to quit copywriting, I’ve noticed several changes in me. I sleep more, eat more, and have more time for myself than I know what to do with.

I’ve also become a lot more curious about not just what’s next for me…but what to show up with. Yes, it’s not just about how you show up. It’s also what you show up with.

Why resistance is good and what it means to creative entrepreneurs

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a decent post. Rather than blame it on some writer’s block or other excuses, I’ve decided to call it what it is: resistance to create.

Mental block or inability to think creatively. It is what it is. I’ve been in a slump where all I do is observe the happenings in the online business world and in the world at large. Strangely, it all seems like the wave of change has hit the entrepreneurial space faster than I anticipated.

How to write copy for your sales page (EVEN if you don't know what words to use)

How to write copy for your sales page (EVEN if you don't know what words to use)

Most bloggers dream of getting paid for what they know. I know I do.

You've spent the time to grow your traffic and audience. You crank out quality posts on a consistent basis. You might have created an online course that is open for enrollment. Yet when it comes to writing sales pages, you freeze. You stare at your blank screen and the blinking cursor.

I know the feeling too well, trust me!

But what makes writing sales pages hard?