How one prisoner created a dream career without stepping outside his prison

About 3 weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article that stopped me in my tracks and had me gnawing on my fingernails. Not because I was nervous––although it is a nervous habit of mine, but because I was undone.

Undone because for the very first time since I became a writer, I was vulnerable and exposed to my self-imposed creative captivity. Why? Because for a long time, I've held the belief that the stars had to align or something (or someone) had to have pity on me and recognize me for taking a step towards what I wanted before I could make it big. I would never admit this if you asked and of course, admitting this to myself didn't feel good. So I looked for any excuse to make me feel better. That I was busy DOING things to help make the shift.

So I desperately searched for any excuse to cling to. Excuse for why I couldn't get up at 3am to write even though I felt the stirrings in my soul. Excuse for why I couldn't post a social media status update to drop little nuggets of "wisdom for the day." Excuse for why I couldn't do a livestream on Facebook. Excuse for why I couldn't send a pitch to the New York Times magazine or another. Excuse for why I couldn't create content for my Instagram account…

And boy did I come up with several.

Why the voice you listen to the MOST matters in your life and career

There’s this funny story that I was re-introduced to courtesy of Michael Port. It is the story of The man, His father, and the donkey.

The man, the father, and the donkey were on a journey to a village ahead of them. The man got tired and decided to sit on the donkey. Passersby saw this and exclaimed, “Ha! Look at this evil boy. How can he sit on the donkey while his aged father walks alongside them?!”

Hearing those comments, they switched positions. Now it is the father on the donkey and son walking alongside them.

10 Young Adults Owning the Entrepreneurship Scene

It is not too late to start thinking about your purpose in life and getting started NOW.

Terrified? Don't be, because the sooner you fail the better your chances of winning and making your win last. I'm serious.

This post is an impactful one, one that I hope will get you out of your seat and lalaland and into action. My wish is that by the time you are through reading, you will make the decision to ethically "stalk" them and take massive action to do what you have been called to do.

What to Do When No One Believes in Your Purpose

What to Do When No One Believes in Your Purpose

I have tried some pretty rad things with this blog. I moved away from my blog to our blog, and I sought ways to incorporate this into my message. Then I added some things, cut out others while figuring out who I am and what I stand for.

While it took me forever to figure out the purpose for my blogging, I had a solid cheerleader from day one who followed me through every tunnel of discovery.

How I Found Ways to Make a Difference and Do What I Love - Kola Olaosebikan

This month's feature is one that will inspire me for months to come. I've had the chance to know Kola through her popular YouTube videos and her blog for over a year. So, seeing her do something I've always known she would do was less of a surprise. Rather, I swelled with pride when I learned about #StoryStory!

When it comes to using what you have to make a global difference, Kola is a force to reckon with. Born and raised in Nigeria, Kola Olaosebikan relocated to the United States out of a desire to make a difference.