How to earn extra $1,000+ per month using the skills you already have.

How to earn extra $1,000+ per month using the skills you already have.

In 2011, I started writing online. I created my first blog on WordPress and talked about anything and everything. My blog was called Worship & Swag where I talked about the intersection of faith and culture. I didn't have an audience in mind at the time; I just wanted to write. Slowly and steadily, I amassed followers and "likers" in tens and hundreds. And like a moth to a flame, I became obsessed about personal development and digital marketing.

I learned so much about creating online products and services,

Choose you. Then go HARD.

"If you don't do something for yourself this Spring and Summer, I'm going to be very pissed at you."

That's what my mother said as we were having a good time together sometime this week. Of course, my response was something like:

"I'll do whatever I want, thank you. In fact, I won't spend a penny on myself because of what you said. Why? Because I can. Hahahahaha!"

Conversations like this are a dime a dozen in my home.

Why now is the best time to launch your dream as a creative entrepreneur

I have a dream to build a philanthropic movement that grows beyond my profession as a nurse. This will require the ability to generate funds to accomplish goals like building community hospitals, making sure that public health in poor countries becomes a household topic, and supporting other worthy causes (like volunteering as a racial justice facilitator to create safe spaces for people to talk about current events in our nation).

But I soon learned that I can’t finance my dreams with just my bi-weekly wages.

Why great work always gets found & how to find success as a creative entrepreneur

July 1st marked my “official” exit from copywriting and "online marketing."

Ever since my decision to quit copywriting, I’ve noticed several changes in me. I sleep more, eat more, and have more time for myself than I know what to do with.

I’ve also become a lot more curious about not just what’s next for me…but what to show up with. Yes, it’s not just about how you show up. It’s also what you show up with.

Why resistance is good and what it means to creative entrepreneurs

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a decent post. Rather than blame it on some writer’s block or other excuses, I’ve decided to call it what it is: resistance to create.

Mental block or inability to think creatively. It is what it is. I’ve been in a slump where all I do is observe the happenings in the online business world and in the world at large. Strangely, it all seems like the wave of change has hit the entrepreneurial space faster than I anticipated.

5 mindset habits to cultivate to grow a successful business on your own terms

5 mindset habits to cultivate to grow a successful business on your own terms

I subscribe to several newsletters from entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches as a way for me to glean from their mistakes and wisdom. But never has the idea of redefining success in my own way turned me on like it has in the last three days. To be honest, sometimes I get envious when I read big income reports and see people I admire and respect in the online business industry do JV (joint venture) webinars, promoting their courses and services.

I have questions: what if that were me? If I only put out more content, could I possibly attract the attention of these big wigs? Would they introduce me to their circle?