My name is Margaret Olat. I'm a writer, author, & creative entrepreneur.


I help passionate creatives uncover genius ideas so that they can design a life and business on their own terms and build meaningful brands that leave a legacy.

Most of my work is dedicated towards finding your life's work, becoming a TRUE creative entrepreneur, cultivating a healthy mindset, and developing a personal brand that builds a legacy.

My work has been featured on MSN Money, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Career Contessa, UYD Media, Inspired COACH magazine. I’ve been mentioned by the likes of ProBlogger, John Hopkins Alumni, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and the Cheeky Scientist. I have also been featured as a career expert on Albert's List, a community of 22,000+ members that connects recruiters and job seekers with the power of referrals.

And nope, I won't preach leaving your day jobs. I work as a registered nurse at a downtown hospital in Minneapolis, MN. I also do not preach NOT going to college.

I like to say words like y'all, shit, poop, lit, yass, and other colloquialism I might have learned very late in life.

However, I DO encourage you to do life and business on your own terms. In a way that feels good to you and brings you prosperity.

Wanna know how?

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