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Hi, I'm Margaret. I’m a writer and founder of Potter & Ink®, a Strategic Advisory firm for online coaches and course creators.

I started writing on the internet to document my experiences and interesting finds over 10 years ago. Today, I've made valuable friendships all over the world and enriched my professional life as well.

From working with top earners behind the scenes to building an audience myself, I've experienced the highs and lows that come with being a creator. This website is dedicated to exploring the dreams and realities to building and maintaining a brand online. Or, like I'd love to call it, The Art of Self Mastery.

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5 lessons I Learned from my self-imposed creativity sabbatical.

Why does it seem like we fizzle after having just identified our spark? Why do we experience creative fatigue when all we want to do is just pump content from a never-ending oasis?

Why great work always gets found & how to find success as a creative entrepreneur

I believe in the power of platforms, engaged audience members, & owning a powerful personal brand. One thing that has sparked a tiny flame in me is the idea of great work...

Why the voice you listen to the MOST matters in your life and career.

You are initially judged by the quality of your work now. A value is placed on you by what you produce. So, will you continue to listen to every expert out there, or will you reach down inside and do what IS right?

The problem with quitting your job to start an online biz...because an expert told you so.

What if the answer is simply giving yourself permission to go on an adventure? What if it's all about seeking an outlet for your creative and unrealized potential...

Why resistance is good and what it means to creative entrepreneurs.

Because at the end of the day, we have questions about where we’re going, we all want to feel at peace about the things we do and the people we impact.

Why now is the best time to launch your dream as a creative entrepreneur.

Your financial health has a mighty influence on how you display or exercise your values. If you care about an honest but struggling cause and want to see it around for years, your tweet or shares can’t save it alone. It needs money.

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You can find my writing on platforms like Lifehack, Entrepreneur, and Better Marketing.

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Got a domain? A business name and an email list? Wondering what to do next? Then the Strategic Mapping™ Consulting is what you need. Get clarity, direction, and a clear plan for making the next 12 months profitable.

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Producing informative and low cost workshops is one my favorite ways to provide value to my audience. If you're interested in learning how to build a sustainable online company, check out my workshops.

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As a fractional DOO, I partner with business leaders who need a trusted ear and sounding board on creating sustainable business plans for growth and profitability.



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